We had another awesome trip to yosemite!  This was baby Shelley's first epic hike.  We did the mist trail to the donkey trail loop (~5mi, ~1000' elevation gain).  Mike helped by hiking baby Shelley up to the top! Thanks Mike! The hike started out great with nice shorts and T-Shirt weather, but at the little cave the rain started dropping big droplets, just after we took some falls pictures.  5 minutes later it was coming down hard and we were glad we had our rain gear!  I looked at Alicia and asked her if she wanted to turn back and she looked at me like I was crazy to not continue.  The temperature plummeted and by the time we reached the top of vernal falls it was hailing pea sized hail and the thunder was about every 10-30 seconds.  I didn't see any lightning strikes hitting the ground, but I saw a ton of flashes over head.  We had lunch under some trees, but not too close to them.  Time to get the hell off the mountain!!  I took over hiking baby Shelley down the mountain at a furious pace.  Hiking poles rule!  We got back to camp to find out that all our stuff was soaked.  It rained about .75 to 1" in about an hour.  The stroller had 0.5" of water on all the flat spots, the camp chairs were soaked, some tents were soaked, and one sleeping bag from a tent with no rain fly was discarded.  New rule #1: Be prepared for rain in the Sierras 100% of the time!

The camera fell out of my pocket while I was crossing the river and is down for the count.  We still had our SLR to shoot pictures with for the rest of the trip.  I think there were a total of 4 cameras that were damaged on this trip! Not a good trip for cameras.  Dusty has some video of us riding the "bull", or a fallen tree.  It was a blast, and once we put a saddle and reins on it, it was even more fun.  I think we all bruised our butts!