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洗砂机厂家科普:机制砂在现代化建设中的应用/Science popularization of sand washing machine manufacturers: application of machine-made sand in modernization construction

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近些年来,机制砂的使用在我国大大小小的建设项目中随处可见,这在前些年是不可想象的,机制砂生产工艺复杂,且含泥量大,远远不如天然砂开采后经过简单的加工就可以使用来的便捷。/In recent years, the use of machine-made sand can be seen everywhere in large and small construction projects in China, which is unimaginable in the previous years. T










In recent years, the use of machine-made sand can be seen everywhere in large and small construction projects in China, which is unimaginable in the previous years. The production process of machine-made sand is complex, and the mud content is large, which is far less convenient than that of natural sand after simple processing. The reason for this situation is that the overexploitation of natural sand in previous years has gradually exhausted the natural sand resources in our country, and the phenomenon of soil erosion has become increasingly serious. In order to improve the current situation, the relevant departments of the state began to strengthen the management and control of the exploitation of natural sand, and the mechanism sand, as the only alternative, because of the progress of production technology in these years, has the disadvantages of large mud content When it comes to effective improvement, it's natural to gradually replace it. So, what are the specific applications of machine-made sand in China's modernization? Next, the manufacturer of the sand washing machine will make an inventory for you.
I. construction works.
In the construction of construction engineering, sand aggregate has always been one of the essential raw materials. Whether it is used as water permeable filler or directly in the construction of houses, tunnels, subgrade, bridges, etc., the amount of sand is relatively large. If such a large amount of sand and stone is purchased in the form of long-distance transportation, the cost of the whole project will certainly be increased because of the high cost, and if the way of nearby production is adopted, the cost of raw materials will be greatly reduced. If there is a lack of natural sand nearby, or the ratio quality of sand and stone can not meet the requirements of the project, then it can be considered to use the hard rock after blasting and preliminary processing, and use the sand making mechanism to form a certain particle grading machine-made sand, which will greatly improve the efficiency of the project and reduce the cost.
II. Expressway laying.
Expressway belongs to high-level highway. In order to adapt to the development of industrialization and urbanization, the construction of high-level highway in China has always been a key project of national attention. The construction of Expressway mainly starts from the ring road, radial road and busy traffic section of the city, and gradually builds the urban traffic network with expressway as the backbone. Therefore, the amount of sand used for concrete is increasing sharply under the trend of large annual growth, but the amount of natural sand in many areas of our country is nearly exhausted, and the replacement of the original natural sand with machine-made sand has become the choice of most projects.
3. Water conservancy construction.
In addition to the construction of expressways, China pays equal attention to the investment in water conservancy construction. As one of China's modern infrastructure, water conservancy construction has been continuously promoted. Large scale water conservancy construction also needs a lot of sand and stone aggregate, and machine-made sand, as the most widely used sand and stone aggregate, is also used in water conservancy construction.
4. High speed railway construction.
In addition to the above, the construction of high-speed railway is undoubtedly developing more rapidly. In recent years, many new high-speed railway projects in China have been successfully operated, which indicates that China will enter the era of high-speed railway, and the long-distance travel of residents will be more convenient. The construction of high-speed railway is inseparable from sand and stone aggregate. The construction of high-speed railway needs a lot of high-quality sand and stone. Now, the natural sand resources are reduced, which is a very good substitute for high-speed railway construction.