Notes:  I lifted each rear fender 7 cm.  First remove the plastic inner fenders because they will cause you all kinds of pain if you don't.  The fenders are held on with plastic nuts that will spin if you don't hold them. 

I squared off the rail and measured off the outer top screws because the 2 highest screws would go thru the tub.  You will need to cut off the 2 locator pegs, as well as the lip that used to stick into the wheel well.  Once you drill the holes for the top, you can use those to locate the fender and decide where you want to cut off the excess material.  I used a razor blade to cut the fenders, then a score to mark the tub.  I made most of the cut with a grinder, and finished off a couple places with the sawzall.  The forward bracket will need have the reward section cut off on both sides.  The evap cylinder (not on all years, by '02 didn't have it in the rear like the 06 does) will need to be relocated to the drivers side.  After cutting off some excess material I used a piece of flat stock and sheet metal screws to screw it in.  I had to weld a little tab onto the bracket to bolt to the flat stock.  So far I estimate the rear fender lift to take about 13-15 hrs, working pretty slow.  I could probably do it again in under 9 hrs now that I know where to cut.  I'd recommend leaving the dirt mark on the jeep and cutting exactly where the outside of the stock fender was.  I did that on the passenger side and it was easier, and I got more clearance.  I will put some bedliner in there soon to make it all black, as well as add in some black plastic or rubber to protect the evap and cover the spots where you can see under the body, that used to be covered by the stock inner liners.