Our Cabin

Monarch of the Seas

They 'forgot' the key, so we had to go under the barbed wire.

Livestock, don't tell customs

Run, Run, the ship's going to leave

Free Drinks :)

Formal Night

Towel Animals!!!

A Rabbit

An Elephant

Climbing the rock wall

Wine Tasting

Super Cool Monkey!!

The Quest Game

Guys had to come up to the stage with their pants on backwards.

Quest Game

Doing the worm

The Quest Game

Walking in women's shoes, our guy was a trooper.

The Quest Game

two men holding hands, don't they look happy?

The Quest Game

Yes those are men in bras

Sleepy Melissa


 Girls 2008 Cruise to Mexico on the Monarch of the Seas

(Royal Caribbean)  The first cruise of many :)