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www.tricktuners.com SCT Dealer. Calibrator level custom tuning for most 96 and newer Ford cars and trucks. PLX widebands and IMFD gauges for the lowest prices and prewired for easy connection to the Xcal for data logging things like AF, Boost, EGT, IAT, Fluid temps, and more coming soon (fuel pressure and OBDII).




Check out my Trick Tuners website for SCT Ford tuners and PLX widebands and gauges

http://www.tricktuners.com My main page for SCT Flash products and PLX gauges

http://www.tricktuners.com/PLX_Devices_Products.htm http://www.tricktuners.com/plx_widebands.htm http://www.tricktuners.com/plx_imfd_gauges.htm

http://www.tricktuners.com/plx_imfd_sensor_modules.htm http://www.tricktuners.com/custom_tuning.htm http://www.tricktuners.com/SCT_products3.htm http://www.tricktuners.com/mafs.htm

http://www.tricktuners.com/Information.htm http://www.tricktuners.com/detonation_explained.htm http://www.tricktuners.com/egt_explained.htm http://www.tricktuners.com/email_tunes_explained.htm

http://www.tricktuners.com/code_names.htm http://www.tricktuners.com/data_logging_info.htm http://www.tricktuners.com/flashing_tunes.htm http://www.tricktuners.com/books.htm