Alicia, Joe, Mike, Melissa, Rebecca, and Andy summited Mt. Langley on 8/22/09 at about 1:30 pm.  We decided to camp at Onion creek campsite up the mountain from independence and about an hour drive to Whitney Portal in Lone pine (where the trail head to Mt. Langley is).  The Cottonwood campground at Whitney Portal has a one night limit, so rather than backpacking and packing up camp each night, we decided to do the Langley hike in a day.  On Whitney Portal Rd (on the way to the trail head),   we drove by some killer J-Tree looking rocks and later determined them to be the Alabama hills.  We will climb there on our next trip in the area for sure!  We got to the trailhead at 6:40 am (after a 4am wakeup!).  The Langley trail is about 10 miles each way starting at an altitude of 10K' and summiting at 14042' (which is why it's a 14er).  We chose to take the Old Army pass to the top of the mountain.  The old army pass is supposed to be a crazy trail unmaintained for 30 years, but it was a piece of cake with killer views!  Shortly after we got to the top (about 7 hours after starting our hike) it started snowing and it rained pretty much the entire way back!  We all got soaked!  Thank goodness for synthetic clothing.  It took us just about 12 hours from trail head to trailhead so it was a long day! We threw out our plans of making dinner at camp, and settled for chili, burgers, and a pitcher of beer at the Mt Whitney restaurant.  We were back at camp and asleep by 10pm.  It was an adventure to remember, can't wait for our next 14er.