I will continue to update this site with the modifications done to the RV.

Pacific Dualies Pressure plus 8000 TPMS (tire pressure monitor system)

Scangauge II with the X gauge options for the 7.3 PSD. Buy from my site now!


PLX DM-100 with EGT and boost. Buy from my site now!

The bolts on the Y pipe gave me lots of trouble. I broke 3 out of 4 and you can see in the picture that there was crap welded to the threads on one of them.  The good thing is that the heads snapped off so I could grab the shaft with a pipe wrench.  Its also a good thing that I didn't drill and tap the Y pipe while it was on the engine.  Look at all the crud that got in there! I would NOT want that getting sucked into the turbo! I ground down the lip on the Y pipe from the casting process.  Every little bit helps right?


I upgraded the doghouse from the large version with 2 real cup holders, 2 red bull cup holders and the storage area to a different one with 4 cup holders and no storage area.  Its much smaller so its easier to fit your feet past the passenger seat and the doghouse.  It will also hold 4 gatoraid bottles.


I added a rear shelf under the cabinets to hold our hydrapacks and other junk.  I made custom brackets out of 2x6s, but they are hard to see in the picture (my phone died before I could take more.  Maybe someday I'll take another shot).


I installed a switch for the outside radio.  The idiots wired the red and yellow wires to the hot wire all the time!! The radio was really warm to the touch, but it was "off".  I fixed it and wired in a on - off switch so its not sucking juice all the time.


I installed a switch to turn off the auto step.  Sometimes it would try and smash whatever was in its way and we would have to go out the front door.  Now we can just disable it.  I wasted a bunch of time on this simple mod!  I found a red wire with a fuse on it.  I unhooked it and tried everything.  The stairs no longer worked and the wire was right where I needed it! Sweet!  Wrong!  It disabled the steps when it was open, but when you turn on the vehicle, then turn it off, the step would still go down with the switch off!! Damn!  Solder those wires back together and tap into the switch wires.  I cut the switch wires and bam, the step doesn't move so I wire up the switch.  Now the step won't go down!! Damn!! Damn! I solder those wires back together and put the switch across both wires to keep the circuit closed and the steps up!  Finally!  Its always the stupid little things that waste 2 hours instead of 20 min.


Trans cooler