Even with the last jeep the garage was too low and small.  With the longer unlimited, it was close to too short (2" total extra space).  The bottom of the old flip up style door would rub the jeeps roof on the carpet I attached to the bottom of the door.  This is with only a 2.5" SL, 1.25" BL.   I moved the garage door out about 8" and up about 12".  It was a ton of work and getting everything to move right was a major pain.  Probably over 100 test fits before everything was in place and we (Jon and I) had the correct pulley system for the pull up wires.  Jon was a huge help!  Everything is fully custom, even the tracks were mounted opposite as the directions to make them work.  The garage door is designed to mount on the inside of the inner frame, but its mounted outside the inner frame!  We cut out an insane amount of wood that was in the way, including removing the full length 4x12 (strictly for looks, not structural), and removing a 4"x3/4" deep section of our new 4x8 "flashing".  Probably got 40hrs+ into this one, but is been working great for many months now. (after about a month or wroking fine, it got jammed up, birds nested the cables, etc. Grrrr)  Now it just needs some paint.  Oh yeah, before you say, "but the top doesn't close all the way".  I know and that's the way it is. Making it flush would have required WAY more material removal and fabrication, and I really don't care.




Here are some before pictures.