Radio Shack Hearing Enhancer

Mic superglued to the valve covers

Easy Steps to Make Your Own Detonation Detector for $10

1. Go buy the Hearing Enhancer from Radio Shack for $10.

2. Open the Battery compartment and unscrew the small screw.

3. Pull the case apart and cut the wires leading to the Mic in the middle.

4. Solder extension wires between the mic and the case.  I used an old phone cable because it fits into the case good and is small.

5. Pull the foam off the mic and put a small amount of superglue on the face with the hole and superglue it onto the valve covers.  Experiment with multiple positions before the gluing to get the best sound.

6.  Run the wires through the firewall, or just sneak them into the cab by the drivers side door and run them down the side of the dash by the fuses, under the steering wheel, and to the center counsel.

Sound Clip.mp3 turn up loud, recording is low quality.  It actually sounds much better with the headphones.

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