Bungee Jumping 2008

I surprised Joe for our 5th anniversary with a bungee jumping trip in the Angeles Forest.  We met the Bungee Jumpmaster and the rest of our fellow jumpers at 7:30 am Saturday morning at King's Market in Azusa, Ca.  From there we caravanned the 20 minutes to the Angeles forest.  The day began with a 5 mile hike to the Bridge to Nowhere with 5-6 river crossings.  The hike was a BLAST!  After that, we were given instructions on our bungee jumps and away we went!   The pictures of Alicia are in the middle (I have a blue shirt on and black pants), the pictures of Joe are at the end (black jacket and tan pants). 

Be sure to check out our videos at the end of the page to watch our jumps!!!





Bungee Videos


Videos\Bungee\Alicia 1.mpg

Videos\Bungee\Alicia 2.mpg

Videos\Bungee\Alicia 3.mpg

Videos\Bungee\Alicia 4.mpg

Videos\Bungee\Joe 1.mpg

Videos\Bungee\Joe 2.mpg

Videos\Bungee\Joe 3.mpg

Videos\Bungee\Joe 4.mpg

Videos\Bungee\Joe 5.mpg

Videos\Bungee\Joe 6.mpg