Alicia bought me this killer offroad tool set for my birthday! Thanks Alicia!  I also added ratchet straps, 2x20' tow strap. fire extinguisher, valve stem repair kit, tire plug kit with extra plugs, 2 mv50 air pumps, and some Staun tire deflators.  I paid $70 for my first set of Stauns, but they were stolen with the 02 TJ so I picked up another set!  If you have never used the Stauns to deflate your tires you are missing out.  They are little brass things that you screw onto your valve stem and it will let out air until it hits the adjustable air pressure setting.  I set them at 13 psi with red locktite on the setting ring so it doesn't change.  I check the final air pressure in each tire before it put the cap on and they are always within 1 psi. Air down all 4 tires in under 5 minutes with no watching, crouching, and deflating more.


We had a guys only family party up in Big Bear and it was a blast! Burgers, beers, brats, boating, BBQ, off roading, and hanging with the family.  Big thanks to uncle Jim for the gracious use of his killer cabin and awesome boat, and to Nick for getting us together.  We had nine people hanging out in the boat with room for plenty more!  We had a killer sunset boat ride home from the BBQ place.  I'd never even heard of the wakeskating thing where you surf on the wake, but it was a ton of fun.  You can start and end on the swim step without ever jumping into the water.  Ethan was tearing it up like a pro surfer, and Jim wore his cool floating shades called Bombers (I bought 2 pairs off the net as soon as I got home!)