For sale pictures taken 2-13-11

This 2008 Hyundai Azera is a very nice luxury car with only 38,000mi.  It easily compares, or is better than many Mercedes and Lexus cars.  My parents have a Mercedes and a Lexus, but this car is nicer in all aspects (performance, ride quality, leather quality, seat comfort, stereo, etc).  The seats are very comfortable and have the dual memory option on the drivers side.  It has the 3.8L v6 with 263 hp. The traction control also works very well on slippery roads.  This is the quietest freeway car I have ever ridden in.  It has dual zone climate control with heated front seats.  The stereo has a subwoofer, 6 disk in dash mp3 cd changer, xm radio (requires subscription) and is the only factory stereo that I have not upgraded right away.  Its similar to what you would get for $1000+ in the aftermarket stereo world.  The tires are brand new with only about 700 miles on them.  We are selling this because we needed something a little bigger to carry all of our new baby stuff.  It has the remaining 6yr hyundai bumper to bumper warranty, as well as a GE transferable warranty for 8 yrs and 120,000 miles.  The GE warranty covers EVERYTHING, not just the powertrain.